Arsenic on Windows

Internet Explorer 11

If you’re trying to run Internet Explorer 11 using IEDriverServer, you must configure your computer a certain way. A helper function arsenic.helpers.check_ie11_environment() is provided and a helper script arsenic-check-ie11.exe can also be called from the command line.

To manually check the environment, ensure the following are all true:

  • The Protected Mode setting of all zones in Internet Options must be set to the same value.
  • Enhanced Protected Mode me disabled.
  • The Zoom Level of Internet Explorer must be set to 100%.
  • The Scale factor in Settings -> Display must be set to 100.

All of these, except for the Scale factor can be set with arsenic-configure-ie11.exe. This will disable Protected Mode for all zones! You may require elevated privileges to run this command.

Explicitly specify binaries

On unix systems, local services will work out of the box. On Windows, you need to explicitly pass the absolute path to the services binary to the service.

For example, if you installed geckodriver.exe to C:\geckodriver\geckodriver.exe, you have to instantiate your arsenic session like this:

from arsenic import get_session, services, browsers

async def example():
    service = services.Geckodriver(
    browser = browsers.Firefox()
    async with get_session(service, browser) as session: