exception ArsenicError

Base exception class used by arsenic.

exception OperationNotSupported

Exception raised for operations not supported by a given webdriver and/or browser.

exception WebdriverError

Base class for webdriver-side errors.

exception UnkownArsenicError

Exception used when there was a webdriver-side error, but arsenic could not figure out what the error was.

exception ArsenicTimeout

Raised when arsenic.webdriver.WebDriver.wait(), arsenic.session.Session.wait() or a higher level wait API times out.

The following are specific exceptions which may be returned from a webdriver. Consult the webdriver specification for details.

exception NoSuchElement
exception NoSuchFrame
exception UnknownCommand
exception StaleElementReference
exception ElementNotVisible
exception InvalidElementState
exception UnknownError
exception ElementNotInteractable
exception ElementIsNotSelectable
exception JavascriptError
exception Timeout
exception NoSuchWindow
exception InvalidCookieDomain
exception UnableToSetCookie
exception UnexpectedAlertOpen
exception NoSuchAlert
exception ScriptTimeout
exception InvalidElementCoordinates
exception IMENotAvailable
exception IMEEngineActivationFailed
exception InvalidSelector
exception MoveTargetOutOfBounds