Supported Browsers


A Browser is considered supported if it is tested in continuous integration. Other browsers and browser versions might also work, but are not tested.

Browser Name Supported Versions Supported Service OS
Firefox 59 Geckodriver 0.20.0 Linux, macOS, Windows 10
PhantomJS 1.9.8 PhantomJS 1.9.8 Linux, macOS, Windows 10
Google Chrome 65 Chromedriver 2.37 Linux, macOS, Windows 10
Internet Explorer 11 (See Internet Explorer 11) IEDriverServer Windows 10

Remote sessions are available via the but not all APIs may be available.

Headless Google Chrome

To use Google Chrome headless, use:

service = services.Chromedriver()
browser = browsers.Chrome(chromeOptions={
    'args': ['--headless', '--disable-gpu']
async with get_session(service, browser) as session:

Headless Firefox

To use Firefox headless, use:

service = services.Geckodriver()
browser = browsers.Firefox(firefoxOptions={
    'args': ['-headless']
async with get_session(service, browser) as session: